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Attractions in Monterrey

Mexico’s beautiful Pacific coast is rich in nature and culture. Monterrey, Mexico’s second largest city, is a bustling commercial and business center fringed heavily by mountainous mountains. It is overlooked by the famed Palacio Real, a stunning storied Baroque palatial palace with an international museum. Downtown Mexico lies the Macroplaza, an urban green space of interconnected streets home to the spectacular Museo de Arte Contemporaneously, along with the far more impressive Museum of Sea and Sky. Mexico traveling is a trip to remember. The best part about Monterrey is that all three of these attractions can be easily reached from just one stretch of coastline.

Attractions in Monterrey

Mexico travel is enjoyable for tourists because it affords you opportunities to explore and discover much of Mexico’s natural beauty and splendor. Mexico travel packages include airfare to Mexico City and numerous locations within Mexico. You can travel by bus, train, taxi, or car, but air travel is often the most inexpensive and safest way to travel within Mexico.

There are many fantastic things to do in Monterrey. For a family vacation, you will not want to miss visiting the tropical rainforest; Guadalupe Islands, where marine life abound; and the historic city of Mexico City itself. You can also visit Acapulco and its sparkling beachfront casinos. All this and more are just an hour’s drive from Monterrey. Mexico is truly a place to behold!

Your Mexico travel arrangements can begin with your hotel booking a Mexico travel package. Your hotel can offer you shuttle services between your hotel and the various attractions in Monterrey. The Mexico travel packages include airfare, car rental, and entrance into all the main attractions in Mexico City. If you prefer, your hotel may even provide you with shuttle service to and from your Mexico travel destination. Just make sure that when you travel with your Mexico travel package, you allow your hotel to know so that it can provide you shuttle service to your Mexico travel destination.

If you are traveling with a small group (two to eight people), you will want to consider renting at least one car for your Mexico travel itinerary. Car rentals can offer you access to all of Monterrey’s fabulous attractions on a very low budget. You can arrive by car or take a bus, train, taxi, or hot air balloon to your various attractions. This is also a great way to see Mexico without incurring a lot of extra costs and to cut back on your expenses while you are here.

Remember, when planning your Mexico travel itinerary, do not plan to visit all of the attractions in Monterrey. Instead, plan to visit just a few of them so that you do not have to waste too much of your precious time visiting places that do not interest you. For example, there is no point visiting Sea World if you do not enjoy swimming. Plan to visit some of the Mexico travel packages offered online to save money. There are plenty of travel websites where you can get a list of all of the wonderful attractions and travel destinations in Mexico, including Mexico City, Mexico State, Playa del Carmen, Chichen Itza, Coba, Tijuana, Cancun, Oaxaca, and Chiapas.