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Trip to Cayenne, Mexico

Trip to Cayenne, Mexico, is one of those rare opportunities for a “get away”. I had been there for Business and a Wedding and was in no mood for adventure. I had booked a great little beach front villa in Cayenne, Mexico, to use for my honeymoon and it was now a bit chilly so I took a few steps into the mist to beat the rain. My senses were assaulted by an assortment of Flora, Flowers, Fauna, and Mountain Sounds. The whole atmosphere was so inviting that I could easily forget I was actually in the Caribbean!

Trip to Cayenne

Once outdoors I was immediately captivated by the verdant vegetation and landscapes. I was immediately drawn to a waterfall that gave way to a picturesque beach that was hidden deep in the jungle. The whole experience was so enchanting that I had to gather all of my belongings and take a short nap. The next morning, I was so glad I had the foresight to prepare a few days’ travel itinerary for my trip to Cayenne.

The weather was perfect for my trip to Cayenne. While we huddled around the fire listening to live music (complete with dancers) my husband explained the different aspects of his island vacation spots. He pointed out a few restaurants he had never tried and recommended a few hotels where he and his friends had taken trips in the past. In fact, he said that if I enjoyed traveling on his Cayenne trip so will his friends!

We settled into our room at the five-star hotel and quickly prepared for our first morning of travel. There was already a crowd of people milling about outside the front entrance. It was amazing how many travelers come to Cayenne, Mexico, each year. The weather was ideal for an early morning travel adventure as the clouds did not break until just before sunrise. A slight breeze helped to circulate the air in our room, keeping us all relaxed. I was dressed for my honeymoon and for some of the activities we planned to do in the afternoon.

Our first activity of the day was to hike to the Sugar Loaf Mountain, which sits just below Cayenne at the foot of the mountain range. As we neared the top of the climb, we could see the cascading waterfalls and forestation below. With our guide along we soon learned the various interesting plants, animals and minerals found in the area. The hike took close to three hours and gave us wonderful views of the beautiful mountains and cascades.

From our room we departed for a two-day cruise through the Caribbean Sea. The cruise line arranges travel between many different points throughout the Caribbean. During the cruise we visited numerous islands including Barbados, St. Lucia, Guadeloupe, and Martinique. The next day we departed for our second destination, Cayenne, Mexico.