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Tips on Your Trip to Uakarta

Trip to Uak

Tips on Your Trip to Uakarta

Welcome to Turkey! Your next travel destination awaits you in Jakarta, Indonesia. This coastal city is located on the sea side of the Java Island and is a favorite among travelers due to its pleasant climate, sandy beaches, beautiful beaches, cultural heritage and friendly locals. Your next holiday adventure will be one to remember as this charming city provides an unforgettable experience of its charming locales and tourist attractions.

The city is served by two large harbor terminals that serve as its harbor, airport and seaport. It is also served by a number of small ferry services that ferry travelers to nearby islands. If you have an early or late arrival to Indonesia please allow plenty of time for travel due to the major traffic jams in the area. Your hotel may be booked up in the area so if you are looking for last minute deals or packages make sure to visit them during off season. If you prefer you can always plan to rent a car or a scooter to make your trip easier.

Your first stop on your trip to Uakarta should be the City Palace, as it is the oldest palace in all of South Jakarta. The palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been the seat of power for the Indonesian Government since 1963. Other historical sites in the area include Gunung Batur Mosque and the preserved Hindu Temples in Central Java. While you are here, you will also want to check out the many museums and galleries including The Great Bali Glass Museum. The museum was created from a replica of the historic glass made in Bali back in the 15th century.

In Central Java, several major landmarks are in close proximity including Jema Mosque and the Padang-Padang Complex. A must see stop for tourists visiting this area is Kilas River where they can kayak and river rafting, enjoying the natural beauty and tranquility of this natural wonder. Once you have experienced the beauty of Central Java and taken in the historical sights, you may continue your journey through Ubud and Jimbaran to take in the many art museums and other cultural centers. One last great stop in Ubud is the Sunday market, which is a well-loved place to shop all on your own with great fresh food available all day long.

Once you have completed your journey through South and Central Java you will experience the best of both East and West Java at Jimbaran. This region is rich in tradition and charm and is a favorite among tourists from the United States and Europe. Jimbaran offers shopping at its best, along with a wide range of cuisine prepared by traditional artists and great food from many of the surrounding islands. Travelers love Jimbaran because it offers a variety of activities for all ages and lifestyle. Jimbaran is also the most popular tourist destination in the area and is often referred to as the “Cultural Capital of South Java.”

Once you have completed your trip to Uakarta you will want to return to your home in Java and explore the many other incredible locations in Java. As you can see, there are many things to do while in Java. And the best part about it is that there is never a lack of places or people to explore! Your next trip to Java will be an adventure that you will never forget.