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Trip to Paphos, Greece – Things to Do & See

Trip to Pazin on a budget: how did I reach my goal? When I first heard about Pazin I was surprised it was on the road to Istanbul. My first thought was to rent a car and drive down to the Adriatic. That would have been cheaper but what fun is that? How long would I spend in my vacation spot without even seeing what all the fuss was about?

Trip to Pazin

The second thing I thought of when I heard about Pazin was staying at an old town and taking a roustabout. Well, I didn’t want to go that route but I also didn’t want to stay in a hotel or bed and breakfast. I am not the kind of person to stay in the same room as my dog for two weeks so my original plan was to stay in ayios, or self catering apartment. Once I had decided on an area I wanted to visit I contacted the manager of the estate and booked a stay.

On my arrival in Pazin I found myself surrounded by beauty. The mountains were full of pine and oak trees with scattered bird life and a stunning view over the valley below. My first impression of the place was that it must be very expensive as there were only three rooms available at the estate I was staying at. As it happened I didn’t have to spend much money on a Cyprus villa holiday. What I found was the place was wonderful and well priced. If I may mention a couple of the attractions while I was there, they would have to be Marmaris, Paphos and Calpe.

The main attraction of Paphos is definitely the Catalin Peninsula. For centuries this region has been a holiday destination for the Romans, Greeks and later Turks. A trip there gives you the chance to see some of history’s most beautiful scenery. On your journey from the town of Paphos you will arrive by boat into a charming village filled with olive groves and charming villages. The peninsula is separated into two sections: the northern area including Skiada and Kefalonia and the southern one including Calpe. In the northern area you will find Skiada and Calpe beaches, which are just a short walk from your accommodation.

As for the southern part of the island you will find the towns of Argasi, iki and Famagusta which are only a couple of minutes drive from your Paphos accommodation. Again a short walk from your car you can explore the beautiful scenery which is covered with pine trees and wild roses. If you don’t want to go on a hiking adventure, you can instead take a trip to the ruins of the Venetian fort which was rebuilt in the 1970s. These beautiful ruins give a glimpse into the life which was interrupted by the war. Although the area is not as tourist friendly as the northern region the vast majority of its local population still speak Venetian and you will be able to find many shops, restaurants and bars.

If you are a real nature lover then you will love the opportunity to visit the national parks which Paphos has a lot of. The Taurus mountain range has a network of trails that you can follow beginning from the ancient forest down to the sandy beaches of Calpe. You will come across several small settlements along the way so that you can rest assured that you will not get lost. The Beaches are very popular with visitors to the area and many of them spend their holiday relaxing by the beach. The beaches have all year round water and the weather is always warm so there is never any concern about whether it will rain or not. Although you will need to carry an umbrella along in summer if you do venture onto the beach during the day.