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Travel to Shimoni – Kenya’s Most Popular Travel Destination

Travel to Shimoni

Travel to Shimoni – Kenya’s Most Popular Travel Destination

There are numerous reasons to consider a brief trip to Shimoni in Kenya as part of your African safari. One of the best reasons is that it is a location that has much to offer even to those who do not intend on spending long at the region. In fact, this portion of Kenya boasts a variety of beautiful sights and wildlife that will surely capture even the more experienced traveler’s interest. If you are planning to make this trip, here are some tips to ensure that you have an enjoyable time during it.

One of the good things about traveling to Shimoni is that the lodges are relatively inexpensive. This means that you do not have to spend too much on accommodation when you are on your trip. If you plan to travel to Shimoni by car, then you will also save a lot of money compared to if you choose to rent a vehicle or stay in holiday apartments. Most vacation rentals in Shimoni are around $20 per person per day, which is also a bargain when you compare it to other parts of Kenya where lodging can cost several hundred dollars per night.

In addition, if you are traveling to Shimoni by road, then you can expect traffic jams on major roads to the east of the town. However, in late January, the roads are usually quite clean and even though there will be no rush, it is still advised that you plan your journey in advance. This is because most visitors to shimoni arrive at the park just before it begins its season and cannot go home until the end of the season anyway. It is therefore better to take care of all your arrangements well in advance to avoid disappointment once you reach the park.

If you are planning a trip to Kenya’s second largest city, Nairobi, from the town of Shimla, then you will not experience too many problems with regard to accommodation. There are plenty of budget options available for lodgings in the city. Many of these lodges and resorts are right next to popular tourist spots such as the Nairobi National Reserve, meaning that you do not have to make numerous trips to the capital to see a variety of beautiful scenery. Budget trip packages to Shimoni and Nairobi should allow you to have a comfortable stay despite the cost of air tickets and ground transportation.

If you have opted to travel to Shimoni by plane, then you can expect the journey to be very smooth. There are a number of airlines that fly to Kenya regularly, including Kenya Airways and KLM. You can book your flight online or at a travel agency near you. If you book through an online travel agency, you can avoid the risk of paying inflated flight costs and other surcharges that may occur if you fly out of Mombasa directly from Nairobi.

Although there are some restrictions when it comes to flying to Kenya, especially during the months of January and February, you will still be able to enjoy all of the attractions in Shimoni. Some of the places you can visit include the National Reserve, the Chobe National Park, the Watamu resort and the Nairobi Central Mosque. When you travel to Shimoni, you can expect great weather, so you can enjoy every aspect of your vacation rentals in Kenya, whether you are hiking cycling, scuba diving or swimming. You will definitely want to come back to Kenya and book some more travel plans once you see all that is waiting for you in Shimoni.