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Attractions in Kapedales – Make Your Holiday to Cyprus More Memorable

Attractions in Kapedes

Attractions in Kapedales – Make Your Holiday to Cyprus More Memorable

Kapedales is one of the most visited towns in Northern Cyprus. It was established in the eighth century BC and it was known as a city of independence for the first time. This ancient town is located in the heart of the coastal area and has many attractions that can be enjoyed by both tourists and locals. There are many areas of natural wonder that are found here making it a perfect holiday destination for all kinds of travelers. If you are looking for an exotic holiday, Kapedales is the place to go to.

One of the main attractions in Kapedales is the ruins of Akrotiri Temple. It is believed that this temple was built during the reign of the old King, the first Pelasgians. This large temple has many artifacts and it was built using the materials that were available in those times. There are many artifacts and a large museum that you can explore. The sea cost around forty dollars to travel to this part of Northern Cyprus from other parts of the country.

Another attraction in Kapedales that you should not miss is the Paphos Island. You will see the remains of two empires in this island, the Roman and the Seleucid. This is a favorite attraction among tourists who enjoy travelling to the seaside and spending their time in the sun. There are many picnic places that you can enjoy with your family and friends while you take a break from the activities of daily life.

This is also the perfect site for a hike with your dog if you love dogs. You can enjoy the lush greenery of the place along with the sounds of the waves crashing on the shoreline. If you are not into hiking, you can go deep sea fishing or you can just lie around and enjoy the view. There are many things that you can do at Paphos Island including visiting the local shops, buying souvenirs and even strolling around the beach with your family and friends. This will make a trip to Kapedales more memorable.

This is another wonderful location that you must visit when you are on holiday in Northern Cyprus. This is another hot favourite hotspot amongst visitors. The Troodos Mountains is located here and you can have a great view of the greenery as well as the mountains and villages below. The village of Paphos is an old market town and you can enjoy strolling through the streets and watching the locals going about their business. You can get to know a lot of interesting facts about life in this area while you enjoy holidays to Kapedales.

This is another must-see site when you are taking holidays to Northern Cyprus. This is another hot favourite hotspot with tourists who like to enjoy outdoor activities and sightseeing. There are a number of picnic places where you can enjoy eating while you are taking a break from the activities of everyday life. Kaedemoon is also a good place to go and enjoy a lovely day off while you are on holiday to Cyprus.