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Places in Wiener Neustadt, Austria

The beautiful town of Wiener Neustadt in Austria has so much to offer. This quaint little district, which lies a few miles from Vienna and is the capital of Lower Austria, is steeped in history as it is the oldest city in Austria and one of the most important cultural centers in Europe. There are many things that you can do while you vacation in Wiener Neustadt. The district is home to some of the most exciting museums, concert pavilions and top lodging accommodations. You can enjoy a nice meal at one of the many fine restaurants or simply laze around on one of the many lushly landscaped trails.

If you are traveling to Wiener Neustadt for business, you will need to visit the fortress of Schlossen-helden. Built in medieval times as a fortress to defend against attacks from marauding Turkish troops, Schlossen is a beautiful castle with some lovely gardens to boot. When you visit the castle, you will be greeted by the friendly local guards. On your tour of the grounds, you will see many different types of gardens that range from flowery to lush. Your hotel will provide you with the information about various areas of interest, including the Schlossen Castle, which is open to visitors twenty-four hours a day.

Another popular attraction in Wiener Neustadt is the top girl hostel. Consisting of sixteen guest houses and two campsites, the top girl hostel is a great place to explore. The sixteen guest houses include both budget and deluxe accommodations. In addition to being a lovely location to stay, the top girl hostel offers an authentic experience with its German hospitality.

The third popular attraction in Wiener Neustadt is the Blue Cross Building. The original structure was completed in 1886 and still stands, preserving an original appearance. If you visit during the summer, the outdoor park named after the building will be a great place to spend an afternoon. The beautiful garden features flower beds shaped like islands and abutting magnificent gazebos.

The final part of your visit to Wiener Neustadt is the nightlife in Austria’s capital. There are several popular pubs and nightclubs that offer live music all night long. There is also the chance to enjoy the many bars, restaurants and eateries that can be found here. For a more relaxed evening, some of the top lodging wiener neustadt Austria will allow you to stay the night and have breakfast the following morning.

When you are ready to start researching your accommodation options, you can turn to the internet. By typing in “wiener neustadt Austria”, you will be able to find numerous online deals. Most of these deals will give you free transportation to your hotel as well as breakfast in your room. In order to save money and still find a nice place to stay, you should look for a good, reliable, low price deal. This will require you to use the internet in order to look up Google business listing page for each place you are interested in and compare prices.