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Attractions in Bad Ischl in Austria

Bad Ischl is an enchanting little town along the mighty Vltava River. To really explore its splendid royal history, you could visit the Kiel Museum, that houses Kiel’s majestic regalia, which include the magnificent cloak of Empress and Emperor. In addition to this, visitors can also explore the splendid Stauff House, that was once the personal summer palace of the German king and later became a historical museum. The impressive Stauff Palace lies a few kilometres from Bad Ischl.

Attractions in Bad Ischl

Although the town of Bad Ischl is located not too far from Vienna, tourists who wish to experience some authentic imperial regalia will not be able to reach Austria’s capital city for just one summer. Travelers who want to experience a bit of “old Austria” can still visit the spectacular Hohe Tauern National Park. It lies south of Vienna in the province of Hinterland. While at the park, try to participate in the thrilling camel safari that is arranged during the summer months.

Another exciting activity that you may indulge in while you travel to Bad Ischl in Austria is the chance to ride with the royal couple. This is perhaps the highlight of your travel to Austria. The royal couple offers several horseback riding experiences, such as a three-day escapade along the river Rhine that includes the spectacular picturesque Gastein and Havel. The next day, participants can head to the palace of the Grand Duchesses. The couple’s castle is the perfect place for an amazing carriage ride.

The next stop on your tour to Bad Ischl in Austria would be Salzkammergut region. Salzkammergut refers to the area around Salzburg, which boasts of beautiful gardens. The gardens of the Salzkammergut region are considered as some of the best in all over the world. The region also offers tourists a chance to take a hot air balloon ride over the impressive castles in the area. There are several ballooning companies that operate in the area, making this a must do activity during your vacation in Bad Ischl.

One other attraction in Bad Ischl that will surely captivate your attention is the opportunity to ride with the legendary emperor from Austria and Germany. The most famous example of this is the annual Salzburgathlon which is celebrated during August. During the competition, participants dress up in full regalia and the competitors face off in a horse race. The winner receives a golden wreath and the loser must wear a feather in their hats. You will surely want to participate in this event which has been organized since 7,000 years ago.

If you are an adventure lover, then Bad Ischl is the perfect destination for you. Bad Ischl has a rich history of its own and there are different types of attractions available to help you discover this history. You can make a trip to the Medieval castle located in Salzkammergut. The princess bride from the time of the seven, thousand years ago was thought to have been the first person to use the method of weaving wool into cloth. You will also get to learn about the various tales about the royal family of the Salzkammergut area.