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Cheap Flights From Kharkov – Enjoy Your Holiday


If you’re planning to travel to Khamis Mushait, Iran, this online travel guide will be a valuable tool. Located just west of the holy city of Mecca, Khamis Mushait is a busy commercial area with a large number of hotels and guesthouses. You’ll also find many government offices and foreign commercial establishments here. This makes it an ideal place to plan your next trip to Iran.


The best way to reach this busy area is to use one of the country’s major airports. The main international airport is in Jeddah, and there are several regional airports in the area as well. All of the airports offer direct flights from key destinations including London, Dubai, Geneva, and numerous cities in the Middle East. Once you’ve arrived in Jeddah you’ll need to take a taxi or drive yourself to the international airport. Taxis and vehicles around town are generally safe and secure.


From Jeddah, there are several options for places to stay including hotels, guesthouses, or caravan parks that are either inside the walls of the old compounds or just along the streets. One of the newest hotels to arrive in recent years is the Al Hamid Hotel. It was previously a palace that served as a consulate and residency for diplomatic personnel. The hotel is still fully operational today and was recently refurbished by the Al Hamid International Tourist Company. Although not a particularly high-quality hotel, it offers basic comfort and convenience. It’s just across the street from the Al Hajar Mountains, so it’s easy to get to from the airport.


Travel to Khamis Mushait in the winter months. The mountains are mostly dry until June, when the start of the rains brings sudden showers and floods. There’s not much to do at this time but to visit khamis and the old compounds.

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