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Places in Vry Couronnes, France

This article discusses my two most recent experiences of places in Vry-Couronnes, a little town on the left bank of river Rhone. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful towns in France. With a population of around five hundred thousand, it has always been bustling with tourists. In the past I had heard of its reputation for being haunted. However, I have never been there myself and thus could not confirm this.

Pleaces in vryCourcouronnes

The most striking feature of the town is the Castle of Vry Couronnes. It is larger than the average castle in other regions of France. The entire structure, stretching for several miles, is reminiscent of medieval castles, with arched walls, tall larder doors and ornate Gothic windows. I had the pleasure of touring the interior once, while staying in the nearby chalet.

To be able to take in the Castle, one must travel through Vry, Doubs, and Meursault. All three cities contain excellent bed and breakfasts and inns. However, the best way to see the Castle is to travel by Eurostar. The journey takes only an hour and fifteen minutes, allowing me to spend the afternoon at the charming little historical village of Vry. Since I was traveling with my wife, we planned a tour of many sites along the way, thus adding more to the pleasant experience.

From Vry we traveled to Meursault, a much smaller region, but home to several small bed and breakfasts. We spent much of the day exploring Meursault, which is situated on a peninsula in the River Meuse. Nearby are several picturesque gardens and lovely buildings. There is also a popular hiking trail. Another option would be to rent a car and make your own way, although the local transport system provides buses and taxis to travelers.

From Meursault we traveled on to Doubs, which is known for its centuries-old history. Doubs offers a fascinating insight into the life of the Medieval French. We visited Saint Pierre Abbey, where you can see the skull of King Henry II, and the Tower of London. This famous city is also home to a beautiful castle. In addition to visiting the castles, there are two museums within Doubs, including one that exhibits amputated body parts from executed criminals. A great way to enjoy this area is to ride a train from Meursault to Doubs, which will give you an excellent overview of the surrounding countryside.

The final area we visited was Vry. This is where the town of Tours and Gifts sit, dating back to the 12th century. The town is quite picturesque and is known for its medieval churches. We spent the day touring the various churches and even stopped for a meal at the local restaurant. While we were there, we saw a cute and funny little dog, whom the owner named Brodie. While on this journey, we had the pleasure of meeting with quite a few locals, who offered valuable advice on planning your next trip to the area.