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What to See When Visiting Montreaux, Canada

One of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Canada, Montreal is the nerve centre of Canada. Travelling to this part of the country can give you a glimpse into the history, music, culture and business that make Canada truly unique. The city is Canada’s most populous city, housing millions of people who have all kinds of interests and hobbies. From the beaches to the mountains, Montreal is a melting pot of people, ideas and, of course, attractions. If you are planning a trip to Canada, then you might want to take a look at the options below and select the one best suited to your needs and interests.

Attractions in Montreal

Diversionary shops This is one of the best things to do in Montreal: enjoy shopping. The city is home to a wide variety of unique shops offering a range of products from fur to handbags. Among the best shops in Montreaux are the Pierrefonds Candia, which offer unique jewellery, and the La Maison des Poudre, which offer chic fashions from well-known designers. There are also many boutiques and gift shops in downtown Montreal as well as in other areas of the city that are perfect for shopping without breaking the bank.

Bilingual educational programs One of the best things to do in Montreal is taken in a few hours of bilingual educational programs. Here, children are given the opportunity to study both English and French, so they gain a deep knowledge of each language and cultural differences. These programs are offered by many schools, and are a great way to give the children a head start on their future. As an added benefit, the morning sessions usually include a free tour of downtown Montreal as well.

Festival lovers Here are some of the best places to go for a festival-like experience in Montreal: the Festival de la Sante Humie, which showcase local musical talent; the Festival Canoe; which brings thousands of visitors to Montreal’s downtown beaches and parks, as well as the Jazz Festival; and the Laval Festival, which is held during the beginning of May, and showcases Canadian culture. For visitors who love festivals, the musical festivals of Montreal to provide entertainment and education at the same time. These events are hosted by the City of Montreal and its municipalities.

Poutine Here are some of the best things to do in Montreal if you love Canadian poutine. The city is known for its unique and flavoursome poutine, made from rice cakes and gravy. Poutine is a kind of sandwich filled with a mixture of vegetables, Canadian bacon (sausage and cheese), onions, garlic and the Canadian smoked meat. Another great place to eat poutine is at any of the numerous Outlet Mall locations throughout the city. The outlet malls offer a variety of poutine, including everything from the classic to the more experimental flavours. If you want to find the best poutine in town, head to Del Pier, the Poutine Shop, Poutine Donuts and Poutine Burger on Laurier.

Montreaux du ventre/accordionaire This popular amusement park and museum features many exciting attractions for both the younger crowd and the older generations. The Montreaux du ventre is home to Montreaux’s longest running musical spectacular, the Can-Pix show. This popular attraction draws hundreds of visitors to the amusement park each year. Among the many other attractions at this Montreaux attraction are the Musqueets de l’Artistic, the Museote de l’artistic or the L’Union canal. The museums also include a small theater that features musical productions for children as well as feature films. For families, there are the Odyssea waterpark and a restaurant that serves lunch and dinner during the summer months.