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Travel to Funchal – The Ideal Winter Break Destination

Travel to Funchal – Portugal offers a beautiful coastline on the Atlantic Ocean, which is complemented by lush tropical gardens and sunny weather. It is situated in the northeast of Portugal and has an interesting history, being an important trading post between the ancient Romans and the Arabs. It also plays an important role in the agricultural production of Portugal and it is one of the main attractions of the region. There are many attractive tourist attractions in the region and a trip to Funchal can be made memorable through a holiday package.

Most of the Funchal holiday packages start from March and cover travel to Lisbon in Portugal. From here you travel to the coastal city of Funchal before taking a trip inland through the heart of the Costa Brava to the historic center of Lisbon. The trip takes about two days. You can stay in the tourist-friendly city of Praia Da Rocha and visit the Portuguese Cathedral or the imposing Old Town. You may visit the charming village of Alvor, which is known for its medieval cobbled streets and beautiful farmhouses.

The trip to Funchal has plenty of walking, fishing and mountain biking opportunities and visitors often take a day trip to the historic center of Lisbon. You can find the charming village of Alvor bustling with activity during the summer. The village has a modern airport and an international airport that are easily accessed by direct flights from Portugal’s other major cities. Travel to Funchal and Lisbon and enjoy a day or two of culture at either of the city’s fabulous tourist centers, Parc d’Essai or the Gothic Cathedral, or both. The churches of Assumption, Santa Maria de Gracia and of Beniamund, each with a unique character and story, are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Travel to Funchal through the scenic countryside and visit the stunning towns of Beniamund and Alvor. Beniamund is known for its lively local markets and many tourists come to sample the wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and meats that are sold. It has an authentic atmosphere and is a popular destination with families.

Travel to Funchal by train and you will arrive at your holiday destination by the sea side. A journey on the train is a memorable experience, as the landscape unfolds before you. For more adventure, there are several golf courses in Funchal that tourists love to play. Funchal also offers sailing, cycling, hiking and deep sea fishing.

Travel to Funchal by car or rent a vehicle and you will be able to reach your holiday resort in no time. There are plenty of rental companies and privately owned caravans who will help you settle in Funchal at a reasonable price. Funchal also boasts a luxurious shopping area and offers entertainment and dining in its charming downtown area. With all the wonderful places to see and things to do, Funchal definitely has everything a travelling enthusiast could ask for. Travel to Funchal and discover the fun, excitement and pleasant atmosphere that are waiting for you.