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Pleases in Bangalore & Belgaum

A Trip to the City of Places in Belgaum, India takes one on a journey to the world’s oldest city. Named after the Dutch East Indies Company’s fort of Belgaum, this ancient trading post was home to the famous Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama. Vasco da Gama is also the name given to Vasco Bueno, who is believed to be the first Portuguese governor of Belgaum. As the name suggests, Belgaum has been called by the Portuguese “Beguema” meaning ‘fort of the golden jasper’. It was from this fort that the city of Belgaum was named, and today it is one of the most visited destinations in India.

Pleaces in Belgaum

Circling by a large moat, the grand ancient fort of Belgaum houses hundreds of years-old monuments and mosques. In the old part of town, you can find the imposing Kamalasti Mosque. On its western side, in the Banjara Hills, is the heavily guarded Old Shri Mangueshi Temple. To the north, a picturesque spot called Nandanvan is famous for churning churned milk.

One of the biggest attractions of Belgaum is the impressive Jai Mahal, or Queen’s Court, which was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in the 14th century. The largest wall of the palace collapsed in 1997, but this majestic structure has never faced any destruction since then. The Taj Mahal, or the stone bridge, is close by, and travellers making the trip to Belgaum from Delhi can take a walk across to this fascinating place. Another attraction worth a visit is Belgaum Fort, which dominates the landscape with a huge entrance gate, surrounded by a well-manicured lawn. Here one can view the beautiful flowers and plants lining the pathway leading to the fort.

While in town, make sure to have a tour of Belgaum’s other tourist attractions. For non-viewers, there is a replica theatre that plays all night; you will be able to watch a production each evening. Another interesting venue is The Royal Palace, which serves as the official residence of the erstwhile Maharajas. Here one can take a walk through the magnificent gardens or spend an afternoon strolling along the bank of the river. An interesting venture is trekking up the Singharaja, or Royal Road, which leads straight to the house of Maharaja Jai Singh, the founder of the state of Punjab.

Belgaum has a rich collection of art and architecture, which can be seen in The Royal Palace, The Kukatpally Temple, The Birla Temple, The Kollam House, Jantar Mantar and much more. One can also enjoy shopping at any of the eight shopping complexes that the town possesses. An interesting highlight is the Kukatpally Market, which is the biggest open air market in all of South India. Here you can shop for all kinds of things including clothes, jewelry, accessories, and foodstuffs.

If you want to take a trip to all the major historical places in the city, make sure to schedule a trip to Chandigarh, where the battle of Raja-Maharajas was fought. Also, don’t miss out on visits to the temples located in both the cities: Lord Brahma Temple in Agra, Taj Mahal in Agra and Vrindavan temple in Chittorgarh. Make sure to reserve your hotel rooms well in advance because both the cities get extremely crowded during Ramzan and Dusshera. Once you’ve visited this historical town, you’ll never forget to revisit it again.