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Exploring the Pleaces in Orum, Thailand

The town of Orum, Turkey sits on the Black Sea coast about an hour north of Istanbul. While many tourists flock to the city every year to take advantage of its wonderful beaches and exciting shopping areas, others choose to explore the rich history that has kept this quaint little town tucked away in the heart of the peninsula for centuries. For travelers looking to explore the area via Turkey’s Eurostar train, the journey can become something memorable. This article shares some travel tips and information about traveling from Istanbul, through the Thrace region of Turkey to Orum.

Pleaces in orum

Traveling to Orum was once a difficult task. It was only accessible by those who lived in the town itself, and even then, it was a fairly arduous journey. But now, you can take advantage of some of the most beautiful and unique sites to be found in the entire area with the help of modern technology. Turkey has changed dramatically over the past century, and you can travel along these changes via the sea and along the shore.

Orum is one of the few coastal towns that remain in use today as a historical settlement. You will find this hidden gem nestled among the modern-day shopping areas and bustling bazaars of the city. This old town is home to relics dating back to the 7th century B.C., and it is believed that these artifacts were discovered by archeologists during World War II.

A number of the most fascinating artifacts in Orum can be found within the Poyries River Canyon. This scenic landscape is the result of the collapse of the Troodas River during the rule of the Troodas dynasty in the seventh century B.C. You will be captivated by the beautiful frescoes and landscapes as you trek from the town center to the confluence of the rivers. You will get a feel for the early Turkish culture when you visit the Meniscus and Acropolis archaeological complexes. The former is the remnants of what was once a thriving city and the latter is the remnants of what was once an ancient trading post.

Those who are interested in archeology will be intrigued by the discovery of the Neolithic settlement of Kinaliada. Here, you will be able to see evidence of the first houses constructed by people, as well as a well as the remains of the ancient temples. It is also possible to participate in archeological excavations, and here you will get to see the different artifacts found. The Temple of Artemis at Urkon Valley, Neolithic settlement of Bursa, the Lagon and Myriaean Temples as well as the Arch of Ephesus are all featured on the itinerary of a Pleures in Orum archaeological travel.

As you journey through this quaint town, you will likely be greeted with the sweet harmonies of the wind and the voice of birds. This will give way to the enticing strains of a traditional Balinese village. At night, Orum comes alive with the sounds of birdsong and the clanging of pots and pans. In fact, there is even a stage musical that is put on during some of these events. You can relax in the evening and enjoy food and drink at the many restaurants dotting the village, whilst being assured that you have experienced the authentic Orum cultures.