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What Are the Best Attractions in Monterrey?

Attractions in Monterrey

What Are the Best Attractions in Monterrey?

Mexico travel may not be the most exciting on the planet, but Monterrey certainly ranks high as one of the best attractions in Mexico. Monterrey, Mexico’s second largest city, is fringed by majestic mountains and a busy business and industrial heart. It is often overlooked by the magnificent Palacio del Obispado; a colossal storied historic palace with a local museum. Downtown Mexico lies the immense Macroplaza, an edgy circular green space of interconnected squares home to the stunning Museum of Open Air History and the imposing Faro de Comercio; both towering monuments that beam green laser lights into the sky above.

The history of Monterrey dates back centuries and is steeped in royal grandeur. When the Spaniards founded Mexico in 1542, they immediately set out to colonize the region. The Aztecs later occupied the city and built magnificent structures such as theft of Montezuma. Other civilizations came and left their mark on Monterrey’s landscape, too, including the French, the English, and even the Germans. Today, Monterrey offers a wealth of attractions for visitors of all ages.

One of the most striking features of Monterrey is its vast desert, which covers most of the city. At one time, this was part of Mexico’s crown jewel, but today, most of this desert is used for farming. A trip to Monterrey allows you to wander through this oasis, surrounded by water and lush fields of cotton, alfalfa, corn and yams. Another striking feature of Monterrey is its vast sandy beach, offering a great place to just relax and enjoy the sun. There are also many cultural exhibits at the beach, including local art and crafts, museums and monuments.

Along the coast of Monterrey is its beautiful sea wall, the largest in the country. At one time, the sea wall encompassed more than 30 kilometers of the coastal area. In addition to being beautiful, it was a major defense measure against marauding Spanish pirates. It was destroyed during the famous earthquake of 1927, but the spectacular sight of crashing sandbars and towering cliffs can be enjoyed still today.

Monterrey also has an impressive museum district. There are many important museums here, including the Museum of Ancient Things, the Anthropology Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the National Museum, the Bahia de Monterrey and others. All these museums tell interesting tales about Monterrey’s fascinating past and present. Monterrey is a fantastic city to explore, with many exciting experiences to be had. During your time there, you might want to visit the beautiful seaside resorts of Mar del Carmen and Riviera Nayarit, as well as the colonial towns of Santa Maria and Santa Fe.

When you are done visiting all the exciting attractions in Monterrey, it’s time to rest up and relax by the beach. There are many nice hotels in Monterrey that offer modern amenities. For a peaceful vacation, consider staying at the charming Bahia Honda resort. The hotel is not only clean and lovely, but is close to all the attractions in Monterrey. As you can see, there are many enjoyable things to do and see when you visit Monterrey.