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Travel to Grubino – An Experience of Serenity

The beautiful land of Croatia is not only a feast for the eyes but also an ideal destination for adventurous and diverse trip. There are countless adventure sports that you can indulge in during your trip to Croatia. You can participate in adventure trekking, white water rafting, paragliding, kayaking, golfing, horse riding, fishing, mountain biking and more. All these outdoor activities will make your trip a unique and memorable experience. If you love animals then Croatia is the perfect place for you as you can visit the Crocodile Farm and see the various animals cropping in the open air.

Croatia is the land of great lakes and if you are a nature lover then this is the perfect place for you. Visit Dubrovnik and see the fantastic artificial lakes which will leave you spell bound. The beautiful Adriatic coastline is the home of the finest art galleries and museums. So you can have a unique and exciting experience when you travel to Grubino Polje.

Located in the Northern region of Croatia, Grubino is very picturesque. It is a small coastal town surrounded by spectacular mountains and pine woods. When you travel to Grubino you can have an insight into the culture and tradition of Croatian people, their food and places of interest. So, plan your next vacation and travel to the land of green tea, sea pearls and limestone hills.

The journey to Grubino starts from the Croatian city of Pula and will take you through the Adriatic sea. Travel through the Kvarner Mountains and pass through uninhabited islands. After passing through these islands you will reach Grubino. It is a small market town and has a few interesting monuments and tourist attractions. A typical trip to Grubino includes a visit to the Blue Grotto, the National Museum, the Medieval Castle and a trip to Dubrovnik.

Grubino is an ideal base to explore the rest of the Adriatic. Other attractions include the national forest of Radnjina, which provides tourists with an opportunity to view beautiful nature scenery. If you are a nature lover, you will enjoy the scenery as well as the animals roaming freely. You can even stay in the national forest itself and camp for a week or two. Travel to Grubino as part of a guided group or visit the land on your own.

You will also want to try some local food while you travel to Grubino. Grubino polje is well known for its food and wine. Most local restaurants and cafes prepare authentic polje pizza, kebabs, shawls and other traditional food. Many tourists choose this land to experience a taste of traditional food. You will find many great restaurants to choose from while you travel to Grubino. The Polje Hotel offers visitors the best wine and food.