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Travel Tips to Porec

Trip to Pazin

Travel Tips to Porec

Trip to Pazin & Motovun is inspired by the eighth century chronicles of Istria, that includes a brief description of the Pazin Fort situated on an isolated rock above the Pazin river, where the ethnological museum is located. After taking in the Pazin Fort, travelers will then proceed to explore the ancient secrets of Motovun, and attend a guided tasting of local truffles. While in Motovun, a guided tour of the castles in the surrounding region will further enliven your experience in Pazin. Thereafter, you will be free to visit all the other castles, monasteries and holy places.

The first thing that you should know before planning your trip to Pazin and Motovun is that Croatian law requires all vehicles to have at least two working air conditioners. It is also essential for you to ensure that you have a qualified driver who has obtained the required driving skills and has received professional guidance. As stated before, Croatia is a part of the European Union and as such, laws pertaining to road transport are very specific. That said, you can expect that traffic rules in Croatia are less stringent than in other European countries. Thus, it may be possible for you to drive your car on the roads even when it is not required. However, bear in mind that Croatian law stipulates that no person should drive any vehicle without the proper personal safety equipment.

If you are arranging a holiday in an area frequented by tourists, it would be prudent for you to obtain travel advice from a competent historian travel agency. A good agency will help you plan your route, as well as provide information on the road conditions and expected temperatures on your route. You should not forget to ask about the tourist laws in the specific region of which you intend to visit.

Although most of the rivers and creeks in Croatia connect their regions with each other, there are some exceptions. For instance, there is the Vjetrograd (also known as Stranica) and Sava (also known as Cetina). These rivers, although they connect two parts of Croatia, do not connect them with the rest of the country. You should make sure that you have received the correct directions before setting out on a cruise through any of these rivers. This is because the river banks may be completely different from the riverbeds you expect.

The town of Porec, located in the south-western region of Croatia, is one of the most important cultural centers of Croatia. In this region, which also happens to be one of the most industrialized regions in the world, you will find two large textile mills, both operated by the Kvarner family. The textile mills, as well as a second mill, manufacture paper, yarn, fabrics and napkins. Tourists coming to this part of Croatia are encouraged to take a walk or drive around the old town of Porec, a historic center of the old Croatian economy.

The third part of your Croatia/Serbian/Czech Republic trip, the city of Porec is unique in that it is one of the last authentic medieval towns in Europe. It has a very picturesque Old Town, complete with red brick pillars, exquisite art and stone statues of saints and historical buildings. While in Porec, don’t miss out on the refreshingly cold Vodnjan spring water. A stay in one of the comfortable pijamas provided by local bed and breakfast hotels offers an ideal opportunity to soak in the local culture.