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Montreaux Attractions and Activities

When it comes to travel and attractions in Montreal, Canada there is a dizzying array to choose from. The Island is full of museums that span international and Canadian history, art and culture, and the history of the island itself. Montréal is also the largest city in Canada’s Québec region. It is set in an island on the River Orient and named after the world famous Mt. Royal, the highest mountain in the province, which is where the boroughs, many of them now independent communities, are located.

Attractions in Montreal

There are many more museums in Montréal, ranging from the world-renowned Gaspard de Lacourssoire Museum, with its beautiful wax sculptures of historic figures such as Louis le Portage, to the Agence Maudit Gallery, with its spectacular collection of paintings and other works by important artists. For those looking for shopping venues, there is Lulumonni Chapel, which features a giant replica of the chapel built by the Dominican priest, Father Hidalgo. Another well-known landmark is the Hockey Hall of Fame in Montreaux, which is home to the records of many famous names in the NHL including Frankberman, Montreal Canadiens’ Rocket Richard Morehouse, and the ever-popular Bobby Orr. For those who want a quick trip downtown, there is the Decepticon Elevator, which gives the option to take a short ride all the way to the Bell Tower, where the main stage of the Olympic Games is located.

In addition to museums, Montreaux also boasts a number of parks and gardens. One popular park is Le Bordeaux-de-Provence, which offers a walkway to the historic St. Pierre and Friends Church. There are also the Theatre National, a wonderfully designed theatre that is situated in a delightful garden, and is perfect for families. For an even more idyllic spot, try the Garden Path, which leads visitors straight into the Parc Des Granges, a lush area surrounding the Les Demoiselles Duplex, one of the most beautiful gardens in all of Europe. One of the best features of Montreaux is its many small but interesting museums that are ideal for a morning or afternoon stroll. Some of the most prominent include the Musee du Monde (Musee de la civilisation de l’ Explosion) and the Musique des Beauteurs de Montreaux.

For those who prefer the outdoors, there are a number of great hiking spots in Montreaux. They include the Bois de Bournay, which have a great walking path that leads up to the historic Hotel Bouludriere, and the Chateau de Versailles, which are one of the most beautiful spots in all of Canada. For those who enjoy bird watching, there are several sites with species of birds that can be seen in the region, including the perched pelicans that are common at this time of year.

When it comes to shopping, there are a number of great retail outlets that are found in Montreaux. The main shopping strip is usually Plage du Midi, which is one of the most popular areas in town. This includes a number of fine department stores and other unique boutiques. Some of the other important shops that can be found in this area include L’Arche Verte, Bionaire Carrefour, Des Cartier, and a number of other independent boutiques.

As you can see, there is no shortage of options when it comes to Montreaux attractions and activities. It is simply a matter of deciding what you would like to see and do in Montreaux before visiting your travel destination. You will find that there are a number of different things to do in the city, and some of the most popular are easily accessible by means of the metro system, bus routes, taxi services, or Greyhound services. Regardless of the means of transportation that you choose, you will certainly enjoy your trip to Montreaux, whether you are planning on spending a number of days there or just a few hours.