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Pleases in Paralimni, Malta

If you are looking for an exotic getaway that will take your breath away, then you must travel to Pleures in Paralimni Cyprus. This small town is nestled at the head of a sandy bay, on the southern coast of Cyprus. The most famous landmark of this town is the horseshoe-shaped Paphos rock. There is a great deal of historical architecture to be seen here and the shopping district, once the heart of the town, has now fallen out of use. However, it is worth a visit just to sit and look at the wonderful view from one of the rock’s edge.

Pleaces in Paralimni

The town is a great base to explore the region’s fabulous beaches. Because of its central location, you can start your journey at any of the main resorts, which are all only a stones throw away from your holiday accommodation. As you would expect, there is plenty to do on the beach – but you also have the option of staying on the ground floor of a modern hotel, where you’ll find plenty to do and see. Or you could choose to stay in one of the many wonderful paralimni villas dotted around the region.

Another reason to visit Pleases in Paralimni is its excellent selection of accommodation. There are plenty of hotels, hostels and self-catering cottages dotted about the area. The hotels are a great place to start, as they are often located close to the main amenities such as the beach, train station and bus stations, making them a good choice if you’re travelling with friends or family. Some of these also offer packages, so you can save yourself some money by booking accommodation and then using a special service to cook and deliver your food to your room. Self-catering cottages are also popular, particularly near the beaches.

If you love walking, the town has a large variety of trails set aside for walkers. Some are simply a few minutes’ walk from the sandy beaches, but others offer amazing views and hidden treasure chests. You might spot wild animals, or even hippos! If you like water sports, there are a number of fishing charters in the area.

If you’re coming to the island in the summer months, you will love Pleases in Paralimni, as it is one of the best places to enjoy the sunshine in the early morning and afternoon. Many local businesses offer local tours and activities, including trips to the local beach – but you can also do a little shopping, as there are some great independent shops and boutiques on the seafront. If you’re looking for unique jewellery, there’s not been a better place to shop since the town was founded in 1992. There are specialist shops selling everything from antique jewellery to modern handcrafted jewellery, so you can be sure to find something to suit your tastes. In fact, many people come just for the jewellery!

When you come to Please in Paralimni, you should try to stay in the most central area of town (the Pier) as this is where the vast majority of visitors are. If you’d prefer to be off the beaten track, then head up to Mambour, which is only 10 minutes’ drive from the pier. The area is quiet and peaceful, with much to see and do. You will never have to worry about finding parking here as there are dedicated car parks. And as long as you avoid the high crime areas that can sometimes surround the town, you’re safe.