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Trip to Oikos, Greece: Archaic Features and Modern Lifestyle

Trip to Oikos

Trip to Oikos, Greece: Archaic Features and Modern Lifestyle

For centuries now, the people of Cyprus have been fascinated by the beauty of the Twelve Apostles. One of the most visited sites in Cyprus is actually the ruins of the ancient city of Oikos, which lie on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The region around Oikos was an important landing point for the Greeks in their crossing of the Trojans in the 5th century BC. Thus, the site of Oikos has witnessed many archaeological trappings, which date back to that era.

To be able to capture all the essence of Oikos, you can take part in a guided tour through Oikos and Paphos. In particular, the Paphos and Oikos shooting locations are very popular with tourists, who go on vacation to the Northern Aegean area. The serene and scenic Cyprus coast, as well as its many islands make it a popular holiday destination. A trip to Oikos, which is only about 90 kilometers from Nicosia, will allow you to get some much-needed rest and relaxation after the hectic Christmas holidays.

A visit to the lovely Island of Oikos is incomplete without a trip to one of its most famous landmarks, the Kataastra Community Center. Founded in 1950, the community center is composed of two friendly and welcoming buildings – the old school and a new wing. The secluded atmosphere allows one to enjoy some time alone here. In addition to the old school and the new wing, the community center also features a nice shopping center, which is frequented by the locals during their leisure time.

A few kilometers from Oikos, you will find another significant landmark, the Tibet Temple. The Temple is situated on a prominent island, in the middle of the eastern bay. A trip to the “Shambhavi Temple” will also help you immerse yourself in the rich Tibetan culture. The temple is dedicated to the god of knowledge, known as Shambhavi. If you are interested in learning more about the Buddhist faith, this is a good place to start.

If you would rather be closer to home, a stay in a comfortable hotel near Oikos is a good idea, since many tourists come here for the weekend. You can find hotels that offer tours to the islands, as well as packages that include a visit to the Yarlung Tsang. While there, you can go on a guided tour of the temple and see the paintings of the Buddha and other Buddhist icons. The Tibetan monks can also be seen performing their rituals.

If you are looking for some excitement, the best activities to do in the bay area are rafting down the famous Yalam River or shooting a bow and arrow. While there, you should also try the game of chariot racing, which dates back to around 600 B.C. There is even a museum devoted to the sport today, where you can view an actual chariot race from the Stone Age. At the close of your visit, you should make a return trip to the monastery to pay your respects to the Dalai Lama and have a Tibetan meal.