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Best Places in Montreal to Visit

Attractions in Montreal

Best Places in Montreal to Visit

What to do in Montreal? If you’re planning a vacation, first and foremost, think about the most ideal attractions to see in the Big Apple. Are there museums and galleries that you want to check out? Take a trip to see the Picasso Museum or the Galeries des Beaux-arts. Other must-see attractions in Montreal include the Casino de Montreal, Hockey Hall of Fame, and the Bell Centre, which host the Montreal Canadiens.

Are you visiting Montreal with your family? You can experience the excitement of the city by taking a trip to see the Montreal Canadiens at the Bell Centre. Located just west of downtown, the Bell Centre is Canada’s third-oldest indoor arena. Watching a Montreal Canadiens game is an unforgettable experience in person. The other obvious draw to go to the Bell Centre is the play-by-play announcing of games on Canadian television.

Is a trip to Canada worthwhile without shopping? At Mile End, a mall in downtown Montregie, you can find exceptional shopping for every taste. From high-end designer boutiques to affordable choices, Mile End is a great place to go for the whole family. Besides the stores, there’s also a restaurant that offers fabulous seafood meals. For those on a shoestring budget, there are plenty of cheap options at the mall, including great deals at the many different restaurants. Even the signature sandwiches at the restaurants are worth the trip.

If you are going to Toronto, one of the best things to do in Montregie is to explore the popular Ontario shoreline: Niagara on the Bay. Among the must-visit sites are the Niagara Falls, the Port of Montreal, and the Don Valley. When touring downtown Montregie, the sightseeing is complete when you head north towards Toronto with the expressway leading you right along the water.

Of course, when it comes to tourist attractions in Montregie, no one is complete without visiting the Canadian Museum of Natural History or the Canadian Antiquarian Gallery. Although there’s no actual “natural” Canada, the two locations mentioned here truly showcase the spectacular country in all its glory. Also included in the best places in Montreal to visit are several spots with historical value; including Vimy, the old capital of Quebec, and the old town of Old Quebec, where the settlement of the French in the early seventeenth century was made. As for entertainment, the theatre district of downtown Montregie offers entertainment year-round with a number of events featuring local talent.

When it comes to outdoor recreation, few can beat the parks in downtown Montregie. With many parks located near the downtown core, these parks provide an ideal getaway for families or recreation seekers. The most popular ones in Montregie include La Salie park, Gardenia park, and Le Gautier park. Here you’ll find picnic tables, playgrounds, nature trails, and many other activities. For those who enjoy outdoor adventure, it’s hard to beat Montreggie with its mountain ranges and beaches.