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Travel to Diyarbakr – Turkey’s Newest Tourism Destination

Travel to Diyarbakr

Travel to Diyarbakr – Turkey’s Newest Tourism Destination

Diyarbakr, once a thriving commercial region, is now Turkey’s second largest city and is an ancient market town. It lies on the Tigris River and was known historically as “the city of gates”. There have been various major cultural events in this city throughout the ages. Today the city has made great progress in tourism. Numerous sights are there to be explored during your trip to Diyarbakr; however, before you travel to this fascinating old town, you must know more about the place itself.

The ancient heart of the city, Diyarbakr’s main thoroughfare is the main square. This was the venue of some of the world’s first social gatherings and is still a lively place to visit today. The main public square houses the oldest buildings in the city dating from the 8th century. The minaret is a beautiful structure that resembles a castle in some ways. Tourists are advised to wear light clothes while walking around this area as it is often filled with vendors and other people.

By travelling along Fethiye Road you will come across the administrative centre of the city which houses several government offices and Istanbul Technical University. The southern end of Fethiye Road leads towards Beyoglu. Beyoglu is one of the most important commercial centres in the city, offering a wide variety of shopping facilities. To the north of Beyoglu is the Marmarissee Water Treatment Plant where waste and sewage can be dealt with.

If you are touring the city during the spring or summer months, then it will be best to make your hotel arrangements in advance to avoid being turned away at check in. The hotels in Diyarbakr fall into two categories: traditional and boutique. Traditional hotels are plentiful but can get very expensive, especially if you are planning to stay for a few days. Boutique hotels are a better option if you are looking for decent quality and reasonably priced accommodation.

If you wish to see the old part of the city, then you will need to make your hotel arrangements in advance. Traveling during the night can be a bit hectic because the traffic in the old part of the city can be rather heavy. It is possible to book a room in any of the old, traditional hotel rooms available here; but they can get quite expensive. Fortunately, there are a number of cheap hotels in the area, along with hostels and camping accommodations.

There are many options for sightseeing while you are traveling to Diyarbakr. One popular option is to head to Marmaris and take a boat ride on the Golden Rainbow. Another option is to travel to the Ozcan region and visit the Cappuccini Murals. You can also go for a tour of the local architecture by travelling to the Bekal Temple. The area also has some fantastic food sites and you should not miss out on the local cuisine while you are there.