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Pleases at places in Bangalore

A trip to the backwaters of India is a journey of a lifetime. A large variety of activities await you on your cruise along the beautiful rivers of Belgaum and Alleppey in Kerala. The best way to enjoy your holidays along the pristine banks of these rivers is to arrange for an India river cruise. Amongst some of the most popular activities during your trip down the hidden waterways of India are:

Kayaking. This is the most popular activity among the tourists. Kayaks can be hired at the ports of call in India or can be rented from the cruise operators. Kayaks are specially designed for the purpose of paddling through the rapids of the water. Paddlers can enjoy the best viewing points, while breathing fresh air into their lungs.

Rafting. Rafting the rapids on a traditional Indian rubber raft is one of the best ways to enjoy the delights of the natural water world. Most of the rivers in India have their own rapids, which are meant for adventure sports. However, there is no need to worry if you do not possess the expertise for this type of water rafting. River rafting companies of India can take care of everything, making for an unforgettable trip to the water.

Cuisine. Belgaum is one of the culinary hubs of the country. One of the popular delicacies served here is ‘Sevaprasam’. The local delicacies are combined with international cuisines, creating a unique dining experience.

Shopping. Shopping in Belgaum is a must-do for anyone looking for the rare finds or the new trends. The markets of the region are extremely vibrant and offer a wide range of products to choose from. Some of the common products found at the Belgaum markets are furniture pieces, bedding items, jewelry, accessories and the likes.

In short, a trip to places in Belgaum is incomplete without a visit to its many temples. Belgaum is home to several temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Devi Subhadra. Some of the popular ones include Kuteti Devi Temple, Mathura Tirupati Temple and Jain Temple. It is also worth mentioning that the region boasts of some of the finest temples of South India. So, book your trip to the region and experience the charm of this ancient city.

If you are a nature lover and wish to relax in natural settings, there is nothing like a trip on the lazy rivers of Belgaum. A trip on the lazy rivers is perfect for spending time with friends and family and also for a memorable experience. Besides river rafting, you can also enjoy a game of golf, view the beauties of nature at the wildlife sanctuaries or simply enjoy your stay in a luxury hotel.

Belgaum has a lot more to offer. So, book your trip to this fascinating place now. Get ready to explore!