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Funchal – Portugal Travel Guide

Travel to Funchal

Funchal – Portugal Travel Guide

If you are planning a trip to Portugal, there are many ways to do it. One of the most popular ways is by train. From Portugal’s capital Lisbon to Funchal – Portugal’s third largest city – you will be able to travel by train. Getting from Porto to Funchal via train takes about five hours. Traveling in the month of August, a plan for a little cooler evenings at Funchal, with cooler temperatures around 24 C. End your sightseeing on the third (Tue) of the month so that you can travel to Lisbon later that same day.

You could also take a boat ride to Funchal and see the historical sites that dot the region. Portugal’s Portuguese heritage makes its way through its capital and these sites are easy to miss. A few minutes away from Lisbon, at the southern end of the bay, lie the remains of an old fort and church plus the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Alvorado Museum.

Lisbon is also near the coast and while you’re there you should make the short drive down to Alvorada. Here, you’ll find the perfect place to shop as well as some great restaurants. You can also visit the national museum, the National Archaeological Museum, during your stay in Lisbon. Travel to the southern part of Portugal near the place where the Pyramids of ancient Egypt were built. This area is called Arrabida. While there you may also want to visit the Castles of Seville, Granada and Cartagena.

A Funchal Portugal travel guide will tell you that the Portuguese settlement of Evora was named after a woman who flourished in the area. Her talents were celebrated in her lifetime and she was worshipped by the locals. Today, you can see remnants of what she may have enjoyed including her granary and a statue of her as well as a church. Take a look back in time with this interesting Portugal travel guide.

If you want to spend your entire vacation doing sightseeing, then you’re going to need a lot of money. Luckily, most of the places you can go to for the cost of a single day’s stay will not cost more than $100 per day. The places that you will pay more for include Perito Bracheiro and Calpe Ugar, but these are definitely worth it for the stunning views and the funeral trip.

For those that are in good physical condition, there is a walking tour called the C. Finish Day Walk. It starts at the C. Finish Lawn and covers a route that takes you through the C. Finish countryside and includes historic buildings, local gardens, as well as the C. Finish Mountain and Torremolinos National Park. If sightseeing is more your thing, then you will be pleased with the funicular railway. You can ride it all the way around Funchal and see the sights from the ground up.