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Enjoy Yourself in Pleases in Paralimni

A good friend of mine, a Brit, recently had some special travel arrangements made for his family when they visited Cyprus for a few days to celebrate his mother’s 90th birthday. He chose to take advantage of a special offer to get them to a great place called Paralimni. Paralimni is a mountain resort town which is located on the south-western point of Cyprus in the province of Nicosia. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to, and my friend was very happy that his family and he got to share it with his loved ones.

Pleaces in Paralimni

It is not very easy to describe Paralimni as a ‘great place’ – there are no shops, bars, or restaurants and the infrastructure is not conducive to enjoyable conversation. It is a pretty little town, though, so if you are looking for something to do, you will be able to relax here for a few hours with your loved ones. If you are interested in hiking, parasailing, swimming or golf then these are all great places for you to enjoy yourself. My friend did not own a car, so he opted for a taxi ride to the nearest hotel, which he found to be very convenient.

The best time to visit Paralimni is in the winter months from October to March. This is the dry and very hot summer season in Cyprus, and it can be quite muggy down in the valley (the area near the beach is usually dry). In fact, it can get quite steamy during the hot summer months, especially at night. The weather is perfect for a great time out in the sun.

From April to September the weather in Cyprus is quite hot and humid, but not too hot or humid. You will be able to enjoy a lovely comfortable stay at one of the many hotels around this area. During the winter months you will need to get a Cyprus car if you are going to travel further into the mountains. My friend ended up going through a lot of trouble to get a great place to go skiing, but the best time for him to ski was in the late autumn and winter months when it was still relatively warm.

The best time of the year to go hiking in places in Paralimni is from May to September. This is the off season in Cyprus, as the rest of the month is mostly populated. This makes it the perfect time to enjoy the natural surroundings and get some hiking in. My friend even went on a camping trip in this area during this period, which was a great experience.

The only downside to Pleaces in Paralimni is that it is right next to the busy beachfront area of Famagusta. As you might imagine, there is a lot of activity going on in this area. Therefore, it can be a little bit noisy. This can be distracting at times, but for a great day out and about it is definitely worth the noise. If you are looking for a place to enjoy yourself and unwind, then take a trip to places in Paralimni. I guarantee you won’t regret it.