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Interesting Attractions in Benkovac

The largest city of the Croatian country of Croatia is the city of Zadar. The name “Zadar” is derived from a Turkish name that means “the beautiful lake”. The most popular tourist attraction in Zadar is the city’s most important lake which is Donji lake or Okavina lake, known for its beautiful beaches.

Attractions in Benkovac

In addition to the two most popular lakes in Zadar, there are numerous other tourist spots in the city. The most popular aquarium in the region is Cerkno-Cavura aquarium, situated in Cerkno, a village located in the southern part of Benkovac. It is one of the largest aquariums in the region and is home to many exotic species of marine plants. The museum is a vital part of the city as it houses some of the finest prehistoric art pieces in Croatia and surrounding region. It was created in the 7th century and plays a key role in Croatian history.

Another popular attraction in Benkovac is Dikkers Museum which is situated in Cerkno. The museum displays different types of stone art which was created by local artists during the medieval times in Croatia. The museum also houses pottery depicting different forms of Croatia’s most popular floral symbol – the crocus. The city’s most famous landmark is Dalmatian fortress which is also known as “Dalmaty Castle”. The fortress was destroyed in World War Two but several reconstruction projects restored the structure.

Apart from Zadar, another great place to visit in Benkovac is Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is home to many historical monuments and is a very attractive place to visit. This includes the city’s famous UNESCO World Museum. The museum is believed to be the first one of its kind in the world. There are many things to do in the city such as museums, art galleries, historical buildings and monuments. You can also enjoy the Unesco Crystal Museum, which contains a great collection of fine crystal and glass artifacts.

If you want to experience a more romantic Benkovac trip, then you should go on a wine tour. The city is home to many wineries, which produce excellent wines. Wine tours are available from many travel agents and are a fun way to explore the city. The wine tasting tour can take you to some of the most popular vineyards including Dr. Grigori, Cava, Mount Etna and Schubert.

Benkovac is a perfect vacation destination for both business and pleasure. It has so much to offer. The city has pleasant weather all year round. There are many interesting things to see and do in the city. The best time to visit Benkovac is from May until October.