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Gaziantep Attractions – A Must See on Your Holidays to Thrace

Attractions in Gaziantep

Gaziantep Attractions – A Must See on Your Holidays to Thrace

For those who are fond of exploring the beautiful Turkish countryside, a trip to Gaziantep should be high on their list of destinations. The region surrounding Gaziantep is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Turkey. This picturesque town is also one of the most visited cities by foreign tourists in Turkey. Located on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea, Gaziantep is the second largest city in Gaziantep Province (the most populous city, located close to the border with Greece, is Antep.) Gaziantep is also the administrative capital of Gaziantep Province and the second largest city in Turkey.

If you are visiting Gaziantep either on vacation or for business reasons, there are several sightseeing attractions within city limits that must be seen during your stay. One of the more interesting places to investigate is the ancient city of Antep. Founded by the Greeks, this ancient city offers visitors an opportunity to sample ancient Greek culture while touring the region’s past. Within the ancient walls and narrow streets of Antep, you can see frescoes, sculptures, murals, and other amazing works of art.

Another must-see area within Gaziantep is the ancient city of Gokova. Constructed in the 7th century, Gokova was built from what was the ruins of what was originally the Roman military fortress of the fortifications of the city. The best way to explore the region’s past is to visit the museum ethnography museum; here you will find a wide array of artifacts. The main artifacts include mosaic tile art, wall paintings, and other textiles. Other interesting areas to research are the Museum of Ancient Things (MOTA) in Kertavala and the Szabo Museum in Behistor-Gorce. Both of these museums offer exciting archaeological experiences, along with detailed information about the region’s cultural history.

For those traveling from the United States, there are many attractions within and around the city that should certainly be considered. First, there is Central Park; this is one of the most popular locations to take children and allow them to explore a part of the world not offered in their schools. Travelers also need to see the coliseums, where important battles were fought and where some of the world’s greatest leaders were born. Finally, the sky scrapers, or souvenir shops, are an excellent way to purchase unique objects from all over the world; items such as baseball cards, chess sets, and other odds and ends are often proudly displayed within these shops.

As if these attractions weren’t enough to see within the city, there are still numerous activities tourists can partake in. One of the most popular activities to participate in is rafting, which has a number of rapids for visitors to try. Another is horseback riding, which is a fantastic experience for those who enjoy being on the move. Tourists will likely find that walking is an equally interesting activity to participate in, as there are literally hundreds of different trails within the city. Lastly, boating is another popular activity to take part in, as visitors can either hire a watercraft or go it alone; those who choose the latter are likely to come across some incredible marine life.

When it comes to experiencing Turkey’s ancient wonders, there are numerous locations within Gaziantep that one could visit. These numerous attractions are only a few of the reasons why anyone looking to travel to the area would do well to make their way to Gaziantep. Located within the rather sizable geographical area of Thrace, this bustling city offers all of the cultural and historical experiences any self-respecting traveler would hope for. The area is truly a place to stop and take in, as each visitor is likely to leave feeling rejuvenated and full of vigor.